Low carb lifestyle

Low carb: I call it missing my 3 P’s

I initially began a low-carb life style to lose some weight, before trying to get pregnant again. Right after beginning low carb, we got that little +, and we were on a new journey, Low carb while pregnant. I saw my amazing midwife and she actually suggested I stay with it, with mason I developed gestational diabetes. Low carb would help keep my blood sugars level throughout the pregnancy. It has been so hard, because as the title states I crave my 3 P’s, Pie, pizza and pasta! Pregnancy cravings that you can’t indulge in are so difficult. I don’t do the whole calculating macros, counting carbs type of diet. Im much more casual, I love just eating and not having to think about logging everything. I try to take in the least amount of carbs in the day possible. If i want carbs, I eat fruit and I don’t let that make me feel bad because fruit is better then candy and soda! I do have to admit that I have little tricks that get me through, I drink zevia soda, its clear and sweetened with stevia, and its DELICIOUS, my favorite is grape and rooter ginger ale. There is a water sweetener made by sweet leaf that again is sweetened with stevia, and it really helps me get water in, I’m really terrible at drinking my water goal everyday! I normally fight to get my water in, and its at the evening then my little pregnancy bladder keeps me up peeing every hour…you think I would learn by now!! In this section you will see what my lifestyle is about, my favorite recipes, recipe FAILS, and there are a lot of them! So far, I have lost 35 lbs since being low carb, and while being pregnant! which is amazing and scary all in its own. a few important things to remember about being ow carb, is that if you cut carbs you need to increase your fat intake…very important! You won’t be taking in carbs for energy so you needs fats to compensate for that, the goal is to get your body into ketoacidosis which will allow your body to burn fat for energy, stored fat, so you lose weight quickly. For me this is a lifestyle change, it’s so healthy and helps me to not consume processed foods, meaning it’s not just a diet it’s going to be how I eat from now on, its better for me and our family. While I am low carb, keto…whatever you want to call this, my family is not, and while most would think that would be a challenge it hasn’t been hard at all! I make my family meals with pasta, bread, cake cause thats what my husband wants, they tend to be much healthier but not always low carb, even though my husband isn’t fully low carb he to has lost weight. I hope this helps someone out if they are interested in low carb! I will make posts about individual recipes, that are great and that are super gross!


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