Mama Care


When I think of self care, there are quite a few things that come to mind, from my weekly shower where I’m actually alone, to yoga, exercise or even something as small as making a fun scrub or body lotion. I absolutely love being a stay at home mama, but sometimes it’s difficult when you have a little connected to you at all times. My daily self care comes down to my cup of coffee in the morning, that truly helps me unwind and allows me to still feel like a person. I make my cup of coffee with peppermint flavor, heavy cream and whipped cream, and I use a french press. To me this is relaxing in its own, I boil water add it to the coffee let it sit then slowly push it down, just the aroma alone is comforting. I take this time each and everyday, I sit with my warm cup of coffee and I slowly drink it normally while my son is watching his favorite show, minions. I get a little bit of peace before the crazy day begins. Other things that help keep me feeling grounded would be yoga, and I am a very early beginner, but I do have to say that it helps you feel so centered, it is a really great workout, which honestly makes me feel proud but it also is somewhere you can focus on your breathing and just let go, I don’t even think while I’m doing it, I focus on my breath, focus on my body and I get so completely relaxed. I find it so important to take a moment to do something for yourself each day, because all day and night you’re doing everything for everyone else. One thing I do biweekly, is paint my toe nails, ok lets be honest sometimes it’s monthly, but having painted toe nails makes me feel a little more put together. Something that helps you feel confident about yourself is very important, whether that’s doing your make up daily to feel put together, or it’s putting your shoes on strapping your baby on and going on a walk. I am definently the latter, I am one who loves to be active, and I don’t feel that confident with make up on, so for me doing something active helps me feel very confident. There are things like scrubs, or face masks that can be easily made at home and can help make you feel calm and relaxed, I have made banana honey cinnamon face masks, or a coffee sugar scrub which uses used coffee grounds sugar coconut oil and man just the aroma is amazing. You pull some of that out at during a steamy shower and all the sudden your surrounded by warmth and coffee and I also add vanilla. Really my most relaxing moment is when my husband is chilling with our son and I am able to take a long hot shower to myself, no worry of getting my soap in my son’s eyes, or the water being too hot or him hitting his head or slipping and falling, those showers are more stressful then anything. During my relaxing showers, I place epson salt and some lavender essential oils in the bottom of the tub and I turn the shower on hot and get in, standing on the salt helps my aching feet and also helps soften them while the aromatherapy helps calm and relax me. I get maybe one of these showers a month haha I wish it was more often but I am still breastfeeding and my sweet 18 month old just doesn’t like to be apart from me. One of my favorite times of the day is, story time, there is just something so calming and sweet to me reading stories to my little as he sits thumbing through books of his own listening contently to whatever  book we are reading at that time. Life is stressful sometimes, but finding ways to treat yourself can make life easier, find things that make you smile, make you happy and don’t let dishes or laundry push those aside, they need to be a priority to your day just like everything else. One thing I make a priority each week is going to the farmers market with my son, we have a mama and me date weekly on Saturday, we go to the farmers market we buy fresh produce and then we go home and have such an incredible snack. I look forward to our Saturday date weekly, and am actually so sad to say that this coming Saturday will be our last market of the season until June.

Featured on thebippityboppitybusinessofbeingmom blog! A wonderful mama blog by a sweet friend of mine!


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