Natural pregnancy and childbirth

20 week pregnancy update/ ultrasound

So I am going to start doing weekly check in’s on the pregnancy! A bump update long with how I’m feeling and whats going on with our pregnancy. At our 20 week scan we found out some wonderful things, the baby is absolutely growing perfectly and that we are expecting a sweet little boy…Anders John Wayne…and we found out some potentially frightening things as well. Since I had to have a c section with our first, mason, I am at risk of developing Placenta accreta, which is basically where the placenta attaches over the scar and then embeds into the wall of the uterus, if this happens, after our sweet baby is born I will require a hysterectomy, our placenta so far is over the top of the scar, which is terrifying to me. We are staying positive as worrying won’t change anything, our hope is that as our uterus grows with the pregnancy that the placenta moves up, placenta’s migrate during the duration of the pregnancy so likely it’ll just move above the scar and then this risk and fear goes away. If in fact it stays over the scar, we will require a hospital birth, which is about the opposite of what we were planning, a completely natural home birth. We get rechecked in a month. The other thing that came of the ultrasound (US) is that my cervix is on the shorter end of the scale, so this as well needs to be monitored if it gets shorter then we will have to treat it, meaning have a stitch inserted to keep me from preterm labor, take medications to decrease chances of preterm labor, and/or bed rest. This will be rechecked in a month as well with the repeat US. Right now as a family we just pray, we are leaving things to god, we know in him we find strength and comfort, if this is our last baby and I do require a hysterectomy we find comfort in knowing we were blessed with 2 little boys to love and cherish. Right now we wait for the follow up before we plan for the worst case scenarios.

Now on for a pregnancy update.

This last week has been a rough one, I have been fighting an ear infection, oral thrush and a sinus infection. We are combating it naturally, taking a supplement called “A-biotic” its a natural OTC anti-biotic, anti-viral, so far its been really helping. As well as the supplement I have been using our neti-pot as well as gargling warm salt water every 2 hours, and for pain relief tylenol every 4 hours. I am thankful to say that after 11 days I am finally beginning to feel better. I really am not having any new symptoms in the pregnancy, other then feeling the baby move more. He is a very active little guy so that has been a lot of fun to be able to feel more often. I am still down 35+ lbs this pregnancy so far, I am maintaining my low carb diet due to my increased risk of gestational diabetes (GD), I got it with my first pregnancy and was actually diagnosed very early, at 9 weeks. This time around I have my glucose tolerance test at 24 weeks, so anxiously awaiting if I’ll be cleared or start the GD journey again. So far this pregnancy has been very different then with our first, extra fatigue, nausea, and pretty extreme muscle and joint pain. Thanks to my wonderful midwife, we are on a bunch of supplements that helped relieve some of those symptoms!

well come back in a week for another update.

here’s the bump update that was promised!




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