Natural pregnancy and childbirth

27 week update 

I have been slacking on my weekly updates! Everything is really great! The last few days I’ve even been feeling super good energy wise and I have felt great! I have been dealing with this baby feeling extremely low…like he is going to fall out! Lots of peeing, lots of round ligament pain, and lots and lots of baby kicks and movements! We have wonderful news! We found out baby is no longer breech, my cervix didn’t get any shorter, my placenta moved above my c section scar, I passed my glucose tolerance test so no gestational diabetes this time around, and we get to have the home birth we want badly!!! So this family is now planning a family inclusive, my almost 2 year old will be there with us, water HBAC! And I couldn’t be anymore excited! I am planning everything out, what to buy, ways to cope, and honestly getting so excited! We are 3 months from his estimated due date! And for some reason with this baby I kinda feel like he’s going to chill past my due date keep cooking! With my first coming at 36 weeks I just knew he would be coming soon but this time around feels different, maybe because I’m not pushing for it to happen soon I’m just letting him and my body do what they want! We are expecting another boy, naming him Anders John Wayne Stebbins and so in love with him already! 

Preparing for the labor and birth:

So right now to prepare we are reading The birth partner together so that we can discuss what I want and need and ultimately expect out of my husband during labor , it’s been a fun experience sometimes a little frustrating cause I’m super into it so I want to read it all the time and he isn’t as much so he is like once a week he wants to read! I’m also individually reading Ina May’s guide to childbirth I’m still in the birth story section and loving it! It makes me so excited!!! I also am walking 1 mile a day, doing forward leaving inversions, sitting on my birthing ball, doing cat-cow, and PSOAS release exercises as outlined in due to my short cervix 2.5 cm I am unable to do lunges, squats basically anything that’s going to help push little mans head onto my cervix and potentially make it shorter! I plan on making birth affirmations to hang by the pool and plan to find some comforting candles! I have multiple pandora stations picked out…Bon Iver for calm, hill song united for strength and calming, and country for dancing! I have been showing my 20 month old videos of mamas giving birth and explaining mama might make those noises and how I’m rawring like his Dino’s and I’ll be bringing baby brother out! I’ve been showing him lots of videos of newborn babes so he gets the idea of how they will cry, hoping it won’t startle or overwhelm him if he’s seen it a lot and knows it’s normal! We take a bath daily or every other day just talking about baby! He is so in tune! He hugs and kisses my belly, tries to share his toys with baby, and talks to my belly daily! 


I am still breastfeeding my little guy and honestly don’t have much to update there…it’s going well and I don’t see a end in site and I’m happy for that! It looks like tandem nursing is a real possibility now and that’s super exciting! 


None! I literally have no fear I feel like due to how mason came into the world and all the interventions that this just feels right! I’ve gotten myself so ready and so excited! 


Taking garlic, B12, prenatal, magnesium, vitamin D3, vitamin C, and kelp extract for my iodine


Switched from my strict low carb cause my body just couldn’t handle it! I literally was so weak it was painful walking to the bathroom or getting up from the chair! I added in some healthy carbs, whole wheat bread, oatmeal yogurt and I feel like a million bucks! So I just decided I’ll eat clean and take it one meal at a time! I totally cheated around Christmas so we will see how it effects weight gain! 


Total lost:34 gained some back with adding back in carbs! So I’m now still down 20 lbs! I don’t. Have a scale at home so I just get weighed monthly at my prenatal visit! 

Baby movement: 

So strange this time! I only feel him super low and on the sides cause of my front located placenta…it cushions the kicks! He’s moving a ton, hates when brother is nursing or napping on me cause it pushes on him and then he kicks mason like crazy as if he’s saying “get off me” it’s been sweet seeing the interaction between them already! 

Well I think that’s all! Or it has to be cause I’m sitting here writing and man do I have to pee…which is now constant! I go literally constantly! I’m up 4-6 times now at night :/ I miss sleep! 

Happy new year everyone! I think I’ll probably start updating more often but we will see! Thanks for reading!


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