Natural pregnancy and childbirth

My obsession with kombucha 

So I thought it would be a fun post to talk about my newest obsession, kombucha! I was that one who literally joked about kombucha…it was the butt of many jokes! Until my sweet midwife suggested I give it a try…1 day with kombucha and I would never go back!! It is seriously incredible! I get it on a tap at my local grocery store, fill a growler…half a gallon every 2 weeks! I drink 4 oz a day and let me tell you…this sometimes terrible tasting fermented fruit and tea drink was like magic medicine! After struggling with heartburn for years since my first pregnancy it was finally gone, complete relief! And let’s get real pregnancy does some crazy things to your digestive tract…make you constipated…gives you nausea…well kombucha has helped with that so much! No constipation…at all!!! No yeast infections so far this pregnancy…I literally am shocked and will never stop drinking it! My favorite flavors so far are blueberry, mango passionfruit, apricot and spiced apple! Sometimes it’s hard only drinking 4 oz cause I just want to drink a lot like soda! But I just stick to my 4 oz! Anyway I love kombucha! And if you haven’t tried it DO!! 


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