Natural pregnancy and childbirth

28 week pregnancy update 

This week had its ups and downs! 

First we spent some wonderful time in a hotel in Eugene, it was nice to get out of the house! But golly these emotions are horrible, I was nearly in tears everyday because the staff at the hotel were not nice. So I was so thankful to be headed home on Friday…we made it to Medford roads were fine, but decided before we got on the bad part of the drive, super snowy and windy, that we would get some food. As I exited the car in pita pits parking lot I slipped on black ice, their entire parking lot was black ice and I just didn’t see it, I feel quite hard onto my tush, after eating and speaking with my absolutely wonderful midwife we headed to the hospital in Medford where we had to be monitored for 6 hours…so instead of our drive taking place at 6 pm it started at about 1 am. I am thankful we got checked out and so thankful that Anders and I are just fine. 

Now for the wonderful positives! 

Today we had our 28 week prenatal check with my amazing midwife. I seriously love her, I’ve never felt so listened to or cared for! She spent an entire hour in the room answering lots of questions ranging from why my nails are peeling to our plan for a HBAC. She never once made us feel like a question was dumb, or not worth her time! She is so kind, and each day I thank god for bringing her into our lives because I truly do know that she is supposed to deliver our sweet boy! We are so excited for the day he decides to arrive, we are hoping he hangs out inside for 11.5 more weeks at least! Let’s see if I’ll make it to 40 weeks this time, so incredibly excited to experience labor and delivery! I am so ready! You know the most beautiful part, I know if I falter if I get scared of it hurts and I don’t think I can handle it, I have not only my husband, my mini me baby doula mason and my wonderful midwife becca to help guide me back to my wishes! 

Our plan: To trust in my beautiful body that was made to birth my baby’s! 
Health update: belly is getting so cute and huge!!! Baby is moving like crazy! Heartburn is horrible! We are now changing up what I’ve done for that…I am drinking apple cider vinegar throughout the morning I actually dilute it in a peach ginger iced tea and sip it over a few hours, so far today my heart burn is horrible but I will update next week how it’s going! I will now drink my kombucha in the late afternoon instead of the morning! Leg cramps have been terrible 😦 but my midwife actually said the increase in my calcium is what is most likely causing it, I have been popping tums like crazy for the heartburn, so what you need to do is increase the magnesium supplement, starting that tonight and I’ll also update in a week how that’s going! Everything else has been great!! 

I am so excited I have 3 more visits in the office before we start home visits it seems so surreal how soon baby Anders will be here!! Less then 12 weeks!! 

I’ll update next week 🙂 


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