Mama life

Wake me up sweet boy 

You Started waking me while you still lived happily in my belly…I would wake and just hold you feel you moving! Then after you came earthside you woke me in the night because you wanted milkies or you just wanted to see your mama, now you are almost 2 and you no longer wake me in the night, but now I wake to check on you. 

Being a mother has turned out to be the most absolutely incredible experience of my life! I enjoy each second with you. I never once get frustrated when you need extra nursing time, or when you need mama time. Sometimes you just need to be touching me, need a hug or just to know mama is always there for you. I love every single moment! So please my sweet boys wake me in the night, I promise I will love every single second with you, even when I’m tired. 

Sometimes it’s hard to not get frustrated when we are sleep deprived mombies, but it’s so important for me to just remember they won’t always need me to this extent and they won’t always be little. To take each moment as it is, and to find the simple joy in every moment! Be kind to yourself and your babies cause one day they stop waking you, that’s the day you begin to wake to check them! Sometimes I miss those sweet moments we would have in the middle of the night, now I’m starting to experience them with our second son on the way! His sweet kicks wake me, and I always wake with a smile on my face. Soon his sweet kicks from the inside will turn to cries on the outside where he needs me and then too I will awake with a smile, a kind heart and loving embrace. It’s not wrong to love our babies. 

Please boys wake me when you need me, never second guess if mama will be upset cause I promise you that it will never be the case! Even when you are grown if you ever need me I will always wake with a smile, kind heart and loving embrace…always. Mama loves you both so much! 


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