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Homemade Greek yogurt 

I was reading a Rachael Ray magazine and came across a recipe for making your own yogurt. Now I consume a lot of yogurt so I thought this doesn’t seem hard, I was very enthusiastic about it and my sweet husband was excited too! He said we should try it the following day. We bought a gallon of milk and a carton of nancys yogurt to use as our starter. We set out on our yogurt adventure. (Full recipe will be at bottom of blog post) We heated the milk over medium heat to 180 degrees, it denatures the proteins, I stirred constantly…this literally took 45-1hour. Next you allow it to cool stirring often, until it is 110 degrees. Once the milk is 110 degrees you pull out 2 cups and stir up with 1 cup of the starter yogurt, then once combined you move the pot of warm milk into a cooler of hot water, and then drizzle the yogurt milk mixture on the top of the milk mixture in the pan. Then put the lid on the pot, then the lid on the cooler and walk away for 5 hours. When I checked it, it was no longer liquid it was solid and I was so excited! Next I placed a colander lined with cheese cloth over a bowl and put the solid “yogurt” mixture on top of the cheese cloth, and placed in the fridge and again walked away. Approximately 6 hours later I checked it and it was perfectly thick, like thick Greek yogurt, I then noticed it was kinda gritty. After some research I whipped it in my kitchenaide and it made it smooth. It was placed in containers and put in the fridge where it is good for 2 weeks approximately. I also jarred up the whey (liquid that drains from the yogurt) as you can use this for a lot of great things, use it in place of water when making pasta or rice, use it for a Brine to tenderize meat, for a broth, add it to Smoothies or milk shakes as a added protein boost. So cool!! If you have a lot of it you can heat it to make ricotta cheese but you need gallons of the whey! 

Now we save 1/2 cup of our yogurt to use as our starter the next time. So for about 3 dollars (price of gallon of milk) you can get approximately 60 oz Greek yogurt…if you choose to strain it for less time or not at all you’ll get a thinner yogurt and obviously more oz per gallon of milk.


1 gallon while milk 

1 cup organic yogurt (doesn’t matter if Greek or not )

Instructions above! I hope you enjoy yogurt making like we did! 

Also if you get tired of making yogurt every 1-2 weeks you can freeze your starters and even use them to make yogurt for 6 months. 


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