Natural pregnancy and childbirth

Feb. 1st approximately 32 weeks

When we hit February first, it all began to get really exciting…our sweet boys estimated due date is 2 months away!! April 1st! IT all is coming so fast! I am just about 32 weeks pregnant with our second wild little boy. Anders John is so active, I think my anterior placenta moved up in my uterus because I’m now able to feel kicks and movement up to 5 inches above my belly button!! Which is so exciting!

This week…my body has been increasingly sore and achey, I honestly do not look forward to sleeping at night, because it is so uncomfortable and I wake up in the morning so sore and achey. I know it comes with the territory, baby is getting so big its just now a waiting and growing game. He is closer to 3.5lbs now, we won’t have anymore ultrasounds so we don’t have any more approximates. We have 2 more visits with our sweet midwife in her clinic, then she starts coming to our house.

The big focus right now are just about me focusing on my sweet bump, about focusing on positive birth vibes, doing my spinning babies exercises daily, and attempting to walk when able to, still in my house thanks to all the snow on the sidewalks! I feel deeply connected to my birth space, each day i focus on my birth affirmations, having them strung up around our dining table has made that so simple to focus on them multiple times a day. My husband even has made comments about how they are beautiful and he looks at them everyday also. The vibes in our home are calm, and sweet, the three of us are patiently and excitedly awaiting the arrival of little Anders.

Our large baby shower is in 9 days, its actually on chris and I’s anniversary which i think just makes it special. A sweet friend of mines baby shower is the day after, I’m looking forward to attending her shower as well, comparing our growing bumps! We are only like 1 week apart, both expecting our second and both expecting a baby boy…which has been so fun!

Mason is becoming increasingly aware of the baby with each passing day, he hugs my belly, kisses it talks to the baby and tries to share his toys, he tries to put them through my belly button for the baby, which is so sweet and painful haha.

I am feeling so focused, so calm and easy and excited about everything that is to come. I know with each day that passes I will grow more tired and uncomfortable and while that comes with its own challenges, each passing day also is a day closer to our family of 3 becoming a family of 4. I am so thankful for every single day Anders stays tucked safely inside his mama. Mason’s labor started at 35 weeks so I am anxiously awaiting passing that week by, staying out of labor and having Anders closer to the 40 week mark. I have chosen to not notify friends or family once labor does begin, so that I can truly focus on the baby, on the process and completely give in to labor and birth without distractions. I will let them know once baby here safely, but I know personally having people ask for updates, having people ask for information regarding my progress and having family members calling me will stress me out, so its a decision I have made for myself that I feel will give us the outcome we truly are hoping for with the Labor and birth. I know my baby and body know how to work together to safely bring our boy earth side.

We got our birth supplies so all thats left now is purchasing beverages, food and towels for the labor and birth. Also purchasing our final birth thank you gifts.


Thank you for joining us in this journey…even if no one is reading these updates it is a place for me to be able to express how I’m feeling, for myself to get my thoughts out and for me to prepare for the beautiful natural experience that is to occur so soon.


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