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MY body, MY birth, MY right

I have been feeling so empowered about our upcoming birth. It feels like everyday is a beautiful opportunity for me to trust in my body even more. Each moment is just a chance for me to connect to my body and my baby. As days pass I am brought closer to the day where I will be able to roar our baby earth side…I am so beyond proud of myself for the strength I am finding within. I have never felt this confident and ready before and I think that is so important. As many of you know we are planning a gorgeous HBAC, home birth after cesarean, while I am thankful for our previous birth because it brought us our perfect baby boy, I am just so excited to get to experience a birth the way our beautiful bodies were made to birth. I am excited to experience it with my husband, and our almost 2 year old son. I can’t wait to experience a family, love centered birth. Love is what brought our baby to be, so love is what should birth our baby.


Today I am getting ready for a baby shower that will be taking place this weekend. A good friend of mine is throwing us a baby shower/birth blessing, and another great friend is gifting us a maternity/family shoot which I am just so excited about. I can’t wait to get some gorgeous photos of our beautiful growing family and also to document this big beautiful bump of mine.

I felt even more empowered this week at our 32 week midwife appointment, she made me feel so at peace and confident. She told me she is excited to be apart of our birth, proud of me for being so prepared and thinks based on dreams I have been having that my body and mind are completely open and ready for birth. I can honesty 100% say that I have no fear, I am ready and so proud of my body, mind, soul and baby. Our bodies are truly so powerful.

More on my dream, I have been dreaming of my birth since our first trimester. Its as if I’m watching from above, as if I’m in the ceiling watching labor and birth take place. I watch myself powerfully and gracefully work through the rushes of labor, I watch my sweet husband support me through each rush giving me strength, I watch sweet mason playing with cars near by, not wanting to leave our side, he’s my baby doula. I watch myself roar our baby into this world with such power it brings tears to my eyes, I see my baby a healthy  and beautiful baby boy. I see him take a big breath and hear his sweet cries, I see our first tandem latch, and see the boys meet, Mason is just so loving and excited to meet his little brother. I see my body birth the placenta with ease, it is such a beautiful organ. This dream makes me so excited. It is the most empowering thing I have encountered and truly is healing on its own. I get excited with each passing day as we are closer to actually experiencing this.

If anyone reading this would love to send up a blessing, positive thoughts, prayers for a safe birth for baby and mama that would be much appreciated! thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.



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