Natural pregnancy and childbirth

Home birth supplies 

I figured I should make a post with everything we decided to have for our home birth…then I will do a follow up after baby is here and talk about what we used most! 
-birth kit (midwife specified) mostly this has the medical side of things, chux pads, cord clamp, sterile gloves etc.

-4-6 towels that your ok with throwing out 

-6-10 wash clothes that can be used for various things and could be thrown out if needed 

-postpartum padsicles made with pads, witch hazel, postpartum herbal bath, aloe Vera combine all spray on pads wrap in foil and store in freezer 

-mesh underwear (disposable)

-birth pool in a box liner

-hand held mirror 

-postpartum kit including sprays and balms for after birth 

-outfit, blanket, newborn diaper for baby

-tarp for under birth pool 

-Nursing bras from kindred bravely and absolutely adore them I plan to labor in them 

-Birthing ball

-bendy straws

-birth pool straps 

-Postpartum after birth sitz bath herbs 

-wrap for my hips in case I want support during labor 

-yoga mat for the floor if I want to birth hands and knees on the floor 

-thank you gifts for midwife: 10$ coffee gift card, a painting I made of a pregnant women with a baby in her belly, a sign for her office that says “worlds best midwife at your cervix”, a pregnancy birth goddess figurine I made with clay, a thank you card and finally a bottle of wine! The birth assistant got baby clothes, a birth blessing bead, and pregnancy figurine as she is pregnant along with a thank you card and a 10$ coffee gift card.

-birth affirmations, twinkle lights, and pregnancy paintings for my birth space along with a essential oil defuser

-coconut oil for when baby is crowning 

-plenty of drinks! We choseto have homemade laboraide, coconut water, ACV peach tea, zevia, la croix, aloe Vera mango drinks, ice water, and wine for after 🙂 
-snacks! So far we are planning pizza, vegis and humus tray, honey sticks, fruit tray, protein bars, Greek yogurt and granola…I’m sure more will come! 

-we also will be having our almost 2 year old present so we have a swimmy diaper in case he wants in the pool along with big brother gifts from the baby, which will be small stuff like hot wheels cars, and a baby doll so he gets a baby when mama has the baby also 

Hope this helps anyone with questions they had to what to have for their home birth! 


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