Mama life · Natural pregnancy and childbirth

Always awake 

I lay here in utter bliss, soaking up this sweet moment, our toddler who is almost 2 snuggled against my back…and our 7 week old snuggled to my breast. These moments won’t last forever so I just need to lay here and soak it up! I can’t believe our little is almost 2, just let me cry my eyes out! 

Man life with 2 under 2 truly is busy! Especially when your still breastfeeding both on demand…I swear my tits are out 24/7 and normally I have a kid attached to one or both! But don’t get me wrong I absolutely love it! The bond the boys have I truly believe tandem nursing helped that! Oh my gosh guys…not sure if anyone actually reads my blabbering…but if so guys do you ever just look at your babies and just melt…they once lived happily inside my womb and now they are in my arms, that is just pretty incredible!!! Tonight I don’t have a topic just thought I would write out some thoughts, maybe it’ll calm my brain and allow me to sleep! 

I’ve had a lot on my heart lately…I want to help other mamas so badly and just need to find how I can make that work…if it’s doula, staying a LPN or being a lactation consultant or hell all of the above! I just want to help, I want mamas to feel empowered to feel strong and capable! So often things are so hush hush! Like how incredible and strong our bodies are…my first birth I just went along with my dumb OB…no I’m not saying all OB’s are dumb but mine was…I didn’t trust in my body…he didn’t trust in my body and honestly before I even went into labor he wanted to do a c section to get it over with! After my beautiful home VBAC I just feel so empowered and so strong because I got the birth I wanted! I truly believe whatever birth you have…as long as your making informed decisions you too will feel empowered and strong afterwards. I really am blabbering now but I am so passionate! So often as women we are told to not be strong…to cover up…to censor ourselves but come on…we are strong we are badass we are woman!!! We can grow a baby in our womb…then push it out…we can form a organ that sustains our baby then we get rid of it like no prob I’ll just make another with the next babe…I mean come on that’s amazing! We should take every single moment to empower others! 

My new thing I began doing after my birth was reaching out…it seems silly and I may seem like a bit of a creep but who cares I’m putting myself out there and trying! If I think someone looks beautiful I tell them, in person or on social media…if I think what they posted was amazing or empowering I tell them! So often I catch myself saying wow look at that mama go she is so beautiful and strong and look at her sweet babies they are so loved…come on tell me if I’m wrong but if someone posted on one of my photos telling me I was beautiful strong empowering or just “hey there isn’t shit on the shirt your wearing…props” I would smile all day and feel wonderful! We have to raise each other up…take those 2 seconds and make someone else feel special! 




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