Fitness journey · Mama life

The challenge 

30 days ago I began a fitness challenge…I thought on day 1 ok let’s try this…I was only 7 weeks into my postpartum and didn’t expect much! But every single day I vowed to myself that I would give it my all! I was pleasantly surprised to see my body changing after only 1 week…I was working out hard 5 days a week doing fun and different workouts daily! It’s been fun to watch my body change…to see me drop inches and get stronger (by far my favorite part). By the end of the challenge, which was yesterday, I realized I stopped making any excuses…I worked out because I had to. I worked out despite having a almost 3 mo old and a wild 2 year old…I just made time for myself. Which has been incredible…since becoming a mama 2 years ago I haven’t really made an effort to make time for myself, and honestly I’ve been cheating myself and my kids! I’m so much happier, and patient after I workout…I let any frustrations out in my moves. I was so blessed to be apart of this challenge…hosted by the incredible Felisha, which let me tell you I’ve been watching her on Instagram for some time now and she is just so silly and works so hard! She was so kind and encouraging the entire challenge. It doesn’t end here I will be continuing working out daily and once Anders decides he wants to sit in the stroller I’ll also start training for my first 5k! I am so excited to dive into my fitness head first…to watch my body shrink and grow and get stronger! To me it’s not about a scale because my off scale victories are so much more! 


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