About me

23 years…in that time I’ve become a nurse, a wife and best of all a mama. We have a wonderful wild 18 month old little boy, named Mason. He is the light of my life. My entire life I always dreamed of my career never of my husband or children, I figured it would happen but I always saw myself with huge career, a working mom. I fought postpartum anxiety after my son was born, which will be a post of its own at a later date, that being said going back to work after having my son was miserable. It consisted of constant panic attacks, and just feeling miserable all day because all I truly wanted was to be home with my baby bear. After 6 months of working, my sweet hard working husband got a job promotion, he works for home depot, it came with a move to southern Oregon, and a big pay raise, which would allow me to stay home! Ive been staying home now for about 8 months, and I honestly couldn’t imagine my life any different! I love every single moment of being home, the messes, the poopy diapers, the giggles and the fits, I’ve tried really hard to always see the positives in every situation cause he will only be little for so long, and one day I know I will miss this. 3.5 months ago we found out we were expecting our second little bundle of joy, and we couldn’t be anymore excited! This pregnancy we are going for a completely all natural pregnancy and VBAC childbirth, which again I will be covering in multiple posts throughout this pregnancy. I am on a low carb lifestyle, and have started trying to put yoga into my routine! I do a lot of DIY projects and plan on documenting them as well. My sweet husband, Chris and I, have been married now 2.5 years, we were in a whirlwind romance, I look forward to sharing that story! This is just a little about myself, hopefully you want to keep reading more. Life is good, I thank god daily for the many blessings we have.


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