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MY body, MY birth, MY right

I have been feeling so empowered about our upcoming birth. It feels like everyday is a beautiful opportunity for me to trust in my body even more. Each moment is just a chance for me to connect to my body and my baby. As days pass I am brought closer to the day where I… Continue reading MY body, MY birth, MY right

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Homemade Greek yogurt 

I was reading a Rachael Ray magazine and came across a recipe for making your own yogurt. Now I consume a lot of yogurt so I thought this doesn’t seem hard, I was very enthusiastic about it and my sweet husband was excited too! He said we should try it the following day. We bought… Continue reading Homemade Greek yogurt 

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Our Story

Our story starts in February 2014, We met online, on plenty of fish. We talked for hours, every single night for about a week, it was very snowy he lived in Washington, I lived in Salem, so we couldn’t travel to see each other due to the weather. On February 11th, we went on our… Continue reading Our Story